My family nicknamed me “mập đít” when I was younger for my chubby physique and generous appetite, but you can call me Phoebe Tran. I was raised on a buttload of fast food and Vietnamese cooking, both of which my family likes to believe has given us super-digestive traits that allow us to eat as if our stomachs are bottomless pits. Sometimes I pretend it makes me immune to the harmful effects of transfat, too; but in all honesty, there’s never escaping that or the temptation of consuming every edible thing when you’re around the Tran family.

My love for food transcends its taste and smell. I find beauty in it as an art form, something that holds meaning in ways that can’t merely be understood by the senses. This blog exhibits multi-faceted forms of art, including music, fashion, gifs, DIYS, drawings, and writing that embody my daily cravings on the web and in my belly.


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