Chinese pancake queen

Chinese people love their carbs. Rice and noodles won’t be listed on menus unless they’re categorizing dishes because it’s already assumed that a side of carbs will accompany whatever meat or vegetables you’ve ordered.

But really, who’s complaining? I’m going to guiltlessly engage in as much glutton behavior as needed until I get the ba-donk-a-donk of a video girl. Lucky for me, Shanghai streetfood offers a plethora of carbs made pan-fried, deep-fried, baked, boiled and roasted.

Cong you bing, or scallion pancake, stands have grown to become a familiar sighting on the streets of Shanghai. Near almost every cluster of hole-in-the-wall restaurants or wet markets, you will see the various flavors of thin, chewy bread topped with spicy powder, coated with a thin layer of sweet sauce, or made fluffy with an egg filling.


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Similar to cong you bing, shou zhua bing is also identified by its flaky layers on the outside and chewy dough on the inside. The latter, however, is made fresh on a flat top stove by starting out with a tortilla-like pancake that puffs up and creates layers upon layers of dough from the sizzling oil. You can order it plain or with various fillings–I prefer mine alone or with lettuce, a drizzle of sweet and sour sauce, and a sprinkle of rou song (meat floss).

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