Matcha luv


Valentine’s Day, dinner at Nana’s Green Tea in Cloud Nine Mall.

To start, a variety of lightly battered tempura-fried fishcakes, baby shrimp, squid, shiso leaves, and sweet potatoes. Instead of tempura sauce, a side of green tea salt made the appetizer even more unique than the usual shrimp and vegetable combination.


For the main course, I a curry-based ramen broth with chunks of tendon and beef. The bowl was topped with a bit of bok choy, scallion shavings and sesame. I would have preferred for the dish to have a bit more leafy greens to contrast the creamy consistency of the curry sauce; but overall, the ramen was tasty.

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For dessert, a black sesame green tea trifle layered to the brim with glass jello, matcha green tea mouse, corn flakes, black sesame and green tea dusted mochi, black sesame ice cream and whipped cream. In all honesty, the dessert wasn’t as spectacular as hyped up to be. The dusted “mochi” tasted more like gelatinous cornstarch. I would stick solely to the icecream, which was smooth, frosty and light.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


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